Al Pacino beaming with joy during E News interview

At this point, are we shocked? It seems to be a trend of young beauties marrying wealthy, having kids and then hitting these stars with divorces and child support. Im just wondering when will the men catch on? Like, Really? However, I am not here to judge the news only report it.

Recently news broke that 29 year old, Noor Alfallah, was ready to throw in the towel on her relationship with 83 year old, actor, Al Pacino. In calling off the split, she petitioned for full custody of baby Roman, leaving Al alone.

Other reports from the actors team has reported that the couple are still together and are working on reaching agreements regarding their child Roman. So who knows what the actual truth is. Of course we are not with the couple so we only pray that everything works out and if nothing else, they at least co-parent well.

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